toechter (DE/DK) drew the attention with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album »Zephyr« in 2022 – dancing at the outer edges of what we would normally expect from music made with violin, viola, cello and voice. The three musicians in toechter – Marie-Claire Schlameus, Lisa Marie Vogel and Katrine Grarup Elbo – all grew up immersed in the conventions of classical music. They rejoiced in learning everything there is to know about these instruments in order to fashion a new way forward for them. Descending into a mutant acoustic and digital netherworld, toechter creates imaginative landscapes, pulsating beats and colourful musical mosaics.

toechter’s second studio album »Epic Wonder« was released in February 2024 on the Berlin based label Morr Music.



toechter interviews:
15 Questions (2022)
Ninu Nina (US)

song: SHE
music written and produced by toechter
recorded at Atlas Studio Berlin by Robin Hunt
mixed by Robin Hunt
mastered by Simon Lancelot
Video by
Director – Camille Blake
DOP/Editor – Theresa Baumgartner
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